Change Your Name In Oklahoma

1. Can I have my name changed in Oklahoma?

Any natural person domiciled in Oklahoma for more than 30 days and has been the actual resident of the state may petition for a change of name in a civil action in the district court. If the person be a minor, the action may be brought by guardian or next friend as in other actions.

2. What does the petition have to include?

The petition shall be verified and shall state:

(a) The name and address of the petitioner;

(b) The facts as to domicile and residence;

(c) The date and place of birth;

(d) The birth certificate number, and place where the birth is registered, if registered;

(e) The name desired by petitioner;

(f) A clear and concise statement of the reasons for the desired change;

(g) A positive statement that the change is not sought for any illegal or fraudulent purpose, or to delay or hinder creditors.

3. How do I petition to have my name changed in Oklahoma?

In Oklahoma, a person can only obtain a name change from the district court in the countyin which he/she resides.  To find your local district court, please follow this link

4. Notice of hearing

According to the law of Oklahoma you have to provide the public with the notice of the name change in case someone would like to contest it. To do this you have to publish the notice of the name change hearing in the newspaper authorized by law to publish legal notices printed in the county where the petition is filed if there be any printed in such county, and if there be none, then in some such newspaper printed in this state of general circulation in that county. This publication has to appear in the newspaper at least 10 days before the hearing.

5. Fraud

Any person who obtains a judgment under this act, willfully intending to use the same for any illegal or fraudulent purpose, or who thereafter willfully and intentionally uses such judgment, or a copy thereof, for any illegal or fraudulent purpose, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor. Misdemeanor is a crime punishable by the imprisonment of less than one year.

6. Costs

The cost of the submission of the petition to change the name “Petition For Name Change Of Adult” is $159.30

7. Children born out of wedlock

At any time after the paternity is determined, a parent, custodian or legal guardian of a child can petition for a court order to change the name of the child. The judge will grant this petition if he or she finds that the name change is in the best interest of the child.

Name change in connection with Marriage

1. Obtain a certified copy of your marriage license or divorce decree.

2. Contact the companies or organizations you would like to notify of your last name change. This could include credit card and utility companies, the social security administration, insurance companies, colleges or universities and the department of motor vehicles.

3. Notify the company representative that you have a new last name due to marriage or divorce and that you would like the database updated to reflect your new last name. The company representative may or may not request a copy of your marriage certificate or divorce decree as proof of the name change.


According  to § 7505-3.1. of  Oklahoma Adoption Code adoptive parents include the name of the minor into the adoption petition, they may put a new name into the document if that is desired.

Change the name of a Minor in Oklahoma

1. Compose a petition requesting the minor’s name change. The petition must include the name and address of the guardian requesting the change, details about the child (birth certificate number and area where the certificate is registered; date and place of birth and current residence information), the desired new name, a statement of reason for the change and a statement that the change is not being made for any illegal purposes.

2.  File this petition with your local district court. The department you are required to visit may vary by court; visit your district court house and follow all directions to file the petition; you will be given a court date for your petition request.

3. Contact your local newspaper about printing your petition. Include the date and time of the court hearing in the publication. Oklahoma law requires that you print  the petition in a county newspaper for at least 10 days before the trial, so that anyone with any objections can be at the hearing. File proof of publication with the District Court.

4. Attend the assigned court hearing and answer all questions from the judge. The judge will approve the name change unless he finds that the petition includes false information, that the name change is being conducted for an illegal reason or there are strong enough objections from anyone involved in the case.

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